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Q.     How long have you been drawing caricatures?

A.     I  have been drawing caricatures for private and corporate events since 2006. Read About US

         for further information. Other artists I work with also have many years of professional experience. 

Q.     Why should I hire a digital caricature artist?

A.     Live digital artists draw on digital tablets or IPads that are connected to a printer and a large LCD flat screen.

        The LCD display makes a huge difference.  Guests can see what's happening and watch the fun from farther  

        away and in larger groups,  entertaining more people at once.   The guests get to keep a highly personalized

        souvenir print which will remind them of the event and then go online to download their sketch to share on social

        networks or use as their profile images. A live digital art display just looks amazing and sets your venue apart

        from anything the guests have seen,  increasing foot traffic enormously and giving you a bigger return on


Q.    Do I need to provide anything to the digital artists? What do they require from me?

A.   The artists only require access to an electrical outlet,  two chairs,  a small table and ask to be indoors

       or in a covered area so that we and the event guests can easily see the LCD screens,  We bring everything else 

       we need  to perform. There are no hidden charges for our standard services.

Q.   How long does it take to create each drawing?

A.    Approximately five to six minutes each to draw a face in color.  So we average nine to ten faces per hour

       at most events.  Although artists can draw more faces per hour if just working in black and white usually 

       create fifteen to twenty faces per hour.

Q.   What is required to book an artist?

A.   After all the event details are settled and agreed upon,  we will send you a detailed contract and ask for a

      50%  retainer to confirm the booking. 

Q.   Do you have a minimum amount of hours for a booking,  or maximum?

A.    Generally,  we have a three hour minimum booking requirement but we have been known to make exceptions, 

        We charge $250 per hour for a two hour booking.  We try to maintain ten hour daily maximum but we have no

        overall  maximum limit for a booking if it is spread out over multiple days.  A 30 minute meal break is required 

        for shifts between 4.5-7 hours.  A one hour meal break will be included for shifts of more than 7 hours. 

Q.    What does each guest walk away with?

A.    Each guest receives a complimentary 4 x 6" glossy print in a clear plastic sleeve with an adhesive strip that

'       can be attached to lanyard badges.   As part of our standard service,  we include your company logo or a

        specialized message on each print.  We also host the digital caricature files for you or your guests to download

        after the event.  Each caricature print will have the web address of where the guests can download their art or

        share it to social networking sites,  unless requested otherwise.

Q.     Can you include a logo on each caricature?  What about background?

A.    Including a logo or the name of the event on each caricature is part of our standard service. There is no 

        additional charge to include any artwork or content that you provide but if you would like the artist to create

        a custom background environment or cartoon body for the template ,  a studio fee will apply  -  usually $100

        per custom background  (example:  A city skyline or body template where the guest appears to be using your 

        product).  Please contact us for an exact quote.

Q.    Is a caricature a drawing where the artist just accentuates on particular feature, like a nose?

A.    Absolutely not.  A good caricature is a drawing that observes your individual likeness and accentuates those                traits which make you look like you.  Some features get bigger, some smaller,  closer together and farther apart.

        There is no single formula applied to everybody.  Each new face is a different challenge which is what makes it 

         interesting for the artist.

Q.    What forms of payment  do you accept? 

A.    Checks, credit cards or Paypal.  Details can be worked out when you contact us. 

Q.    What equipment do you use to draw at events?

A.    Our gear is very streamlined.  We use 12 inch IPad Pro tablets and  Canon Selphi printer with  4 x 6"  glossy 


Q.    What kind of a display do you use at events?

A.    Our artists generally use 32" LCD displays on a floor or table stand.  If you would like us to use your display 

        device,  we are happy to do so. 

Q.    Can guests use their digital caricatures on their business cards?

A.    The caricatures created at live events are for personal use and enjoyment only. 

        Guests who receive a live caricature are encouraged to share and post their artwork online to social media.

        If anyone is interested in using a caricature for their business card or commercial advertisement,  they may

        commission the artist to create a studio quality caricature which will include all reproduction rights.